Jane Ramsey Vision Quest

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Jane Ramsey Vision Quest
Author Jane Ramsey

Jane Ramsey spent thirty-six years in corporate life.  Upon retirement, Jane embarked on a course of study in philosophy, fitness, health, nutrition, quantum physics, happiness and spirituality.

She is now an author, artist and certified meditation teacher with the Chopra Center.  She has been meditating for more than twenty years and in her class, Primordial Sound Meditation,  Jane helps clients create a strong daily meditation practice to help them feel more grateful, vital, energetic, peaceful, joyful and to develop great abundance and loving relationships in their lives.

Jane’s SoulArt Meditation course combines meditation and art to help people find their inner artist, connect with their intuition, explore their dreams, examine their purpose and live a more full-spectrum, creative and balanced life.

Jane currently resides in Indian Wells, California.  Her classes are offered on-line and students can take class from anywhere.