Creativity is like Meditation

When I retired from 36 years in corporate life, I went on a spiritual ‘vision quest’ and became a student. I felt a call to learn and obtain wisdom; to answer the big existential questions of why are we here and what are we here to do; to go deeper inside, unlocking creativity.

There was something stirring me or calling me. Creativity was a part of it; I had ideas of making designs that almost had a life of their own; as though they wanted to use me as an instrument to move from subconscious to canvas.

In my studies, I learned that some spiritual teachers think we are here in life to do three things:

1. To know ourselves from a soul perspective
2. To discover our mission and why we are here
3. To learn the lessons we are meant to learn as we discover who we are

We have more than one purpose in life. It took me a while to discover my post-retirement purpose, or dharma.

I knew it had something to do with being healthier in mind, body, spirit. It had something to do with accessing creativity. Elevating my personal vibration to assist in positivity in the world. For about a year, I felt it emerging, but I couldn’t quite get it.

I felt stuck and excited at the same time; like I was just about to discover something.

For me, creativity helped me in my exploration and discovery process. There was something about creating certain shapes, colors and lightness on the canvas and in my sketchbook; it made me feel I was tapping into and capturing a specific, higher vibration level.

I felt the same way as I went deeper in meditation. I kept coming back to the idea; how could I combine these two things that have been so meaningful for me; art AND meditation that both seem to lead me to this place of greater balance, joy and peace?

I felt a strong urge to keep evolving to try to get to my best. I kept thinking about living a full, conscious and joyful life — filled with creativity, learning, continuous improvement of mind, body, spirit. Using my unique gifts and talents. Thriving.

And I kept feeling that I wanted to do something that would help other people get to that feeling of flourishing; of evolving to be their best in mind body and spirit.

My belief is that if people can access their creativity, it is easier for them to learn how to become fulfilled.

In finding our creativity, we don’t need to compare ourselves to great painting masters da Vinci or Michelangelo. We just need to find some creative outlets – like painting, cooking, writing, singing — or creating an art journal.

Our finished pieces may not be comparable to a great masterpiece, but the process can be very therapeutic and help us make discoveries along the way.

When I tell people I teach art and meditation I often hear comments like “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” And I respond; “you will be amazed how creative you are! There is an artist in each of us.”

Creativity is a natural quality of human life. The same way every cell in your body creatively adapts to changing circumstances to maintain balance, we can re-learn that skill of meeting each moment with freshness, receptivity and creativity.

In class, we learn that creating something allows us to get in a flow; to find some space between our repetitive thoughts and connect with our true selves.

Creating or designing something, like meditation helps us break free of the constant chatter of the mind. The process of putting paint on canvas can help us tap into a deeper, quieter part of ourselves. We enter into a state of flow and present-moment awareness.

Creative activity can uplift us and help us transcend physical parameters; when we paint, just like when we meditate, we can glimpse that place beyond space and time and realize that we are more than our thoughts, our mind, our body.

You don’t have to take a formal class to find that flow state of creativity, but classes like this are available; like the class SoulArt Meditation described below.

What is SoulArt Meditation?

SoulArt Meditation is a powerful spiritual, creative practice designed to help you tune in to your own intuition.

In class, students create an Art Journal where they do deep, introspective work and journal about that along with placing colors, images and words on their pages. I use exercises that helped me make profound discoveries as I went on my own vision quest.

It’s an active meditation where you detach from judgment, tune into your inner guidance and enjoy the process of creation.

Creativity is a birthright of being human. In class, we practice detaching from perfectionism and comparison. We have the courage to explore, stretch, trust inner guidance, experiment and take some risks; and in that way it is a metaphor for life; we all have the ability to use more of our potential and create the life we want.

SoulArt Meditation is about playing, unleashing and connecting to your intuitive, creative and spiritual self.

I teach SoulArt Meditation using interactive Zoom technology, and takes place over four one hour sessions generally one week apart.

Class is $99. I provide a workbook and some specialized materials and each student brings his or her own art supplies from a suggested list.

To hear more or register for class, please contact me.

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Watch for Vision Quest a journey to happiness to be released 9.1.2019.

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