How to Create a Mandala

When I am creating, it is like being in a meditative state. One of my favorite practices are the creation of mandalas.

Some of my fellow teachers create a mandala nearly every day as a way of increasing self-awareness and as a mindfulness practice.

Buddhist monks create intricate mandalas in sand and as soon as they finish, they wipe them away. It’s the process of creation that matters.

I like to color pre-printed mandalas, and I love to create my own. There is something about creating within parameters that gives me a wonderful sense of containment.

The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.”


The trend of adult coloring shows us that simply coloring a pre-made mandala can be a beneficial practice of being aware; creating your own can be even more beneficial.

The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” Even mandalas that have features like squares or triangles have a concentric (circular) nature. Circles center us.

Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. I see mandalas as tools on the spiritual journey; as though they symbolize cosmic and psychic order.

I encourage you to let your instincts inspire and guide you through the process of creation.

The end result isn’t the goal; it’s the process and journey that are the point.

Mandala template

You can print and cut out these mandala templates. Let your imagination inspire you and fill in the spaces with shapes.

The circles and lines exist as a guide to build your mandala, so you can repeat your chosen patterns more easily.

You can use a pencil or pen, colored pencils or markers to draw your designs.

Start wherever you want and let your intuition be your guide. Add any shapes that inspire you; circles, ovals, tear drops, loops, squares, spirals, paisley, petals; anything that calls to you.

The process of repetition is key to creating your mandala.

As you add more designs, using different shapes, your mandala will start to look much more complex.

Turn on some relaxing music, take it slowly and concentrate only on one shape at any one time and then follow the circle the whole way around.

This mandala was created in SoulArt Meditation by one of my students. (Used with permission)

Happy creating!

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