Why Meditate?

Deepak Chopra would say I am a seeker.  My whole life I have felt as if I have had one foot grounded in the real, material world and the other foot in a place of seeking answers to ancient existential questions like why are we really here and what is life really about?


When I retired after 36 years in the corporate world, I became a student and embarked on a self-imposed spiritual learning quest.   I learned about the major wisdom traditions, different belief systems about the soul and the laws of the universe.  I studied

synchronicity, quantum physics, higher states of consciousness; the study of happiness. I read a mountain of books, went to seminars with Deepak Chopra, studied with Jean Houston in her home in Oregon, took many online classes and spent many happy hours learning, studying, pondering and meditating.


Near the end of my journey, I began to realize that in all my seeking, the answers that were right for me and my path had been there and available inside myself all along.

Meditation allows us to settle into quieter levels of awareness until we experience the pure silence within.

Along the way, I experienced many kinds of meditation including mindfulness, movement meditation, lovingkindness meditation, body scans and relaxation, Kirtan, breathing techniques and brain catalyst technology.  I like experimenting with different types of meditation to keep my practice vibrant and fresh, but for me, mantra meditation is the most powerful and effective.   It’s the mainstay of my practice and it has been so powerful for me, I became certified to teach it and share it.


Now in my 60s I feel better than ever; more grateful, more vital, more balanced, more energetic, more peaceful, and I see abundance growing in my life along with daily joy and improved relationships.


I learned that meditation is just a tool that allows us to move from activity to silence.


Most of us spend our whole lives in activity, consumed with thoughts about family, career, health, finances and relationships.


Our minds stay busy with thoughts about the past, plans for the future, and a stream of stories about the events of our lives.


Meditation allows us to settle into quieter levels of awareness until we experience the pure silence within.


In the process of going within, meditation helps release accumulated tension, stress and fatigue.


Meditation helps us discover who we really are, how to create life as we want it to be.   It allows us to expand; to be more creative, more loving, more capable, to have greater clarity of thinking; more wholeness and health. There is an unfolding when we meditate.


We all have different reasons for wanting to learn to meditate, including:
      • reduced stress
      • better health
      • happiness
      • more focus
      • better relationships
      • expanded creativity


Meditation can facilitate all of these benefits. At a deeper level, the ultimate spiritual goal of meditation is enlightenment, which can be simply described as awakening to your true self.


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