Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge.
During my Vision Quest studies, I began to realize that my imagination had stagnated.  In business school and in corporate life, I was a left brain thinker looking at the world from a rational, objective, logical standpoint.

Though the rational side of me often rebelled, some of the most impactful exercises I did in my time of exploration were imagination exercises.  Again and again, using different questions, I imagined the life I would have if anything could be possible.  I realized that there was an entire world of possibilities beyond my current perspective.


The law of polarity says that every possibility exists within any situation.  I now believe if you deeply explore your dreams, using imagination, you can find paths to make them happen.

To live your ultimate reality, you have to train your imagination to soar.  Give your rational mind a break and tune into your own intuition — your inner guidance system.


What if there were no restrictions?  What if time, money and health weren’t barriers?  What if I had infinite capacity to do anything and everything I would like?  How would my life change?  What would I do differently?


In doing imagination exercises combined with meditation, I was able to tune into my intuition and I got much clearer about what I wanted.  Some of my desires were mundane; others were big dreams.  I surprised myself with a long list.


I finally admitted to myself I wanted to be an artist; a teacher; a student.  I wanted to have fresh air and be in nature every day.  I wanted a strong, resilient body.   I wanted good sleep.  I wanted to have a deep spiritual connection.  I wanted to be happy, healthy, creative, centered, grounded.  I wanted to make our good marriage great and have more passion and daily joy.  I wanted to move West and see mountains every day. I wanted to significantly downsize and de-clutter. I wanted to find something fulfilling to do in my retirement.  I wanted to find my purpose and find a way to serve.  I wanted to find a way to combine my two passions; art and meditation.


Adults forget how to let their imaginations soar; it comes more naturally to kids.  The ability to imagine things influences everything we do, think about and create.


In the ancient spiritual texts, the Vedas, imagination is viewed not only as the transcendent power through which the universe was created, it is also the power that joins the human spirit to the divine.


To live your ultimate reality, you have to train your imagination to soar.  Give your rational mind a break and tune into your own intuition — your inner guidance system.


My teachers explained that intuition works in mysterious ways, and sometimes you won’t see that it is guiding you down the highest path until later. I realized in my own exploring that I needed to learn to trust and let go.


The more you work with your intuition, the more you strengthen it and the more it grows. In time, you’ll know exactly what your intuition is telling you, and you’ll know that you can trust it implicitly.


Meditation and creativity can help you find answers to your deepest questions.


What do you want?  What are your deepest desires?


These are the types of deep questions we explore in my meditation classes.  If you would like to learn more about them, please contact me.


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